Business Process Design

Business Process Design

All the systems I create start with a blank page.

However none of them were created from the void. 

All of my clients have legacy systems in place and in those systems is the collected wisdom from several years of making do. Collecting, collating and analysing the existing systems allows the blank page to be quickly filled with solid work. 

The system that is created is a structured version of what they already have plus the wisdom that resides in the heads of those that operate them. 

Parts that are defunct tasks that serve no real purpose are trimmed out, tasks that can be automated disappear. Often hours, even weeks of work, vanish and staff find that they have free time on their hands. 

Recruitment is put on hold as staff can now be re-deployed on more demanding tasks.

Once the system is in place the cycle shown in the diagram above is implemented. Iteration after iteration. Ever increasing efficiency. 

I love working companies that have been around for a 3-10 years and are struggling with spreadsheets or mad assemblies of apps and need an integrated system. 

If you happen to be working on solving the climate crisis that would be even better.

If this is you or if you know of a company that needs help – please get in touch!