Business Process Design – Initiation

We all know that change starts when there is severe pain or a clear gain.

Most of my clients come to me when they are in severe pain. The system they are using to run their business has failed and “nothing works anymore”. 

Usually they have run the current system for as long as they can but now one of four things has happened:

1. The system crashes and they cannot get it back up and running.
2. A key staff member has left and they were the ones who knew how to keep the old system working.
3. They have landed a job that is too big for the current system to handle or
4. A new staff member arrives and asks why the heck the current system is still in use. 

The client feels that a new system needs to be created from the ground up. Which is true and yet there is a lot of wisdom held both within the current system and in the heads of the people that use it.

Recording what works, what does not and what new functions are needed is a great place to start. 

But note: This point will come around again. Ideally it becomes a regular check up on your systems. It is what improves them over time. Systems cannot remain stagnant – they have to evolve as everything in your company is evolving. 

Sadly some things will not make it to the next generation. But great new things will reveal themselves.

I do this work – I am seeking more of it. If you feel I could help you or someone you know – contact me!